It's the tastiest day of the year and the perfect excuse to eat your favourite cheesy slices

If the cheesy delight is your passion, here is a list of the top places to get Pizza in Leeds on this special day!

Ecco Pizzeria

If you want truly Authentic Neapolitan Pizza, after all that is the birthplace of Pizza, then you can either go to Naples or you can save the airline ticket and order from Ecco Pizzeria. Located in Headingley, Ecco Pizzeria’s mission is to provide the most authentic Neapolitan Pizza. They utilise centuries old wood fired cooking techniques and use only the freshest, finest ingredients imported from Italy.

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Dough Boys Pizza

Dough Boys are Belgrave’s adventurous in-house pizza slingers, serving hand stretched pizza by the slice. Their ingredients are fresh and where possible sourced from local producers. You can always count on at least 6 delicious varieties with vegan options always available. Your first two slices are HALF PRICE SLICE until 7pm, Sunday – Thursday and 5pm Friday and Saturday!

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Pizza Fella

Get proper wood fired pizza from Pizza Fella who have a simple but effective take on pizza. Their dough is made on site using 4 ingredients - caputo flour, Yorkshire water, salt and yeast. They let the dough prove at room temperature to create a soft, light, easy to digest pizza and then hand stretch the dough and cook in a wood fired oven for 60-90 seconds to create a soft and floppy neapolitan pizza (it's not crispy like other styles of pizza).

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MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza are a US pizza giant that opened one of its first UK restaurants at Cardigan Fields last year. With a truly innovative take on pizza, MOD Pizza took its inspiration from Italian street food and made their pizza entirely customisable. That’s what sets MOD apart. You can have anything on your pizza - well, anything on the menu and all it will cost you is £7.47!

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If you’ve not tried Salvo’s yet then we insist you give it a go. After celebrating over 40 years in business, Salvo’s still remains one of the most innovative Italian restaurants in the region serving contemporary Italian food in an informal relaxed atmosphere, a simple consistent formula which has kept thousands of fantastic customers coming back for more.

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Buca Di Pizza

Born from a desire for great food and inspired by many summer spent on the Italian lakes, Buca has been in action since 2014. With the idea to recreate traditional Italian classics with modern twists their famous pizzas were born! Incorporating new and exciting flavours from around the world, you’ll never look at pizza in the same way again.

Get all you can eat pizza and unlimited beer or prosecco (Soft drinks also available) for £25.95 per person.

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