Well, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, here are 14 things you need to keep in mind before, during or after Date No. 1 to help seal the second...

1. Lateness says you have somewhere better to be and that you don't really care that much. That kind of attitude doesn't give much hope for the future either so usually cancels out another date...

2. First date? You probably don't know them that well. Peanut butter brownies won't bode well with a nut allergy you didn't know about so, be on the safe side and don't order for them.

3. Snapchatting while they're talking doesn't scream romance and maturity. Neither does regular check-ins with the 'lads' or 'ladies'. Put. The. Phone. Away.

4. Ever held a conversation with someone trembling in fear? Bungee jumping, climbing or even the zoo can be too much for a first date. Keep it simple and chilled.

5. Make note: Sexy is NOT chewing with your mouth open or slurping through your straw. 

6. Asking their name mid-date implies lack of interest. Calling them your ex's name also won't win you any brownie points. Please (for your sake) pay attention! 

7. Don't just keep nattering on and on about yourself. ASK QUESTIONS and be genuinely interested in their response because imagine how annoyed you'd be if someone didn't come up for air... 

8. Alcohol is fine to calm your nerves, just don't have too many and end up making a fool of yourself. Drunk minds speak sober hearts, right?

9. No one wants to smell that tuna sandwich you had for lunch. Brush your teeth or grab some gum.

10. Don't flirt with the waiter/waitress and keep your eyes on the prize (your date!)

11. Don't pretend you don't eat much to be polite - We're talking to you, girls! If the date is going to lead to further dates, they'll find out about your appetite sooner or later. Plus, they'd rather see you eat than push around a salad saying you're not hungry.

12. Don't just order what they're having. Be decisive.

13. If you're too over-the-top nice they'll see right through you. Don't get us wrong, we all love a nice person but acting as though you love everyone and everyone just isn't believable. 

14. Rocking up in shoddy clothes and without running a brush through your hair won't make your date feel special very special - make an effort!

Now flash that award-winning smile and have fun - good luck!