Reusing and recycling is an easy way to save those pennies and even MAKE a little cash. 

It may seem easier throw out old stuff and buy new things but you might not realise that you could potentially be throwing out your money!

  1. Do you really need that water bottle? Instead of buying a new bottle of water or juice every time you go out, save valuable money by refilling a bottle over and over again. Especially now Teresa May has introduced plans to reduce plastic waste by 2042 - do your bit!
  2. Signed, sealed and saved: No doubt, you have plenty of packages from ASOS, Amazon, Missguided etc that have come through the post - save the packaging and use it when you have to post something yourself.
  3. Handy cleaning hack: Cleaning products are the last thing you want to buy when you're low on cash, so save money by using old clothes ripped up to polish up those surfaces and clean your kitchen floor.
  4. Love food, Hate waste: Time to get creative! Think outside of the box and give your leftovers a new lease of life, especially veggies because you can use them slightly after their recommended 'use by' date. If you need some inspiration, check out the LoveFoodHateWaste website.
  5. Have a 'saveaway': Remember when you couldn't be bothered cooking last Thursday night and ordered that cheeky Chinese? Use your container it came in to take lunch to university with you. Savings upon savings!
  6. Your tins/cans are more useful than you think: If you've made beans or toast or used tinned tomatoes in a meal, wash out the tins after and save them. You could use them around your flat for storage or even collect your spare change in it. 

It may seem like a lifetime away, but it's only a few weeks until your next loan drops so be sensible with what you have left and it'll fly by...