Stay Another Year In Halls

Did you know you don’t have to be a first year student to live in halls? If you’re stuck on what to do next year the answer is simple… stay in halls.

It’s really flexible, you can either choose to stay in a flat at your current accommodation or you can pick a different flat at a different site, it’s completely up to you.

Location, location, location

Fancy a change? Maybe a more central location or somewhere a bit cheaper. With more than 10 sites, you’ll see on our accommodation pages we list the distance between the sites and our campuses along with a few rough travel time estimates so you can work out the best accommodation options for you.

We often get asked which the liveliest or quietest halls to be in are. While some accommodations have a reputation for being a little more party-orientated than others are, it’s going to be the people you live with that make the difference. We can never guarantee anything, but our advice is to leave a note on your application if you’re looking for a particularly lively or quiet flat and we’ll do our best to put you with people who feel the same.

Studio or shared living

As you’ll probably know, university halls give you a brilliant opportunity to make some great new friends. You can choose to book a flat with friends you’ve already made, or use the opportunity to meet new people.

If you’re the type who really values their space then you might want to consider a studio. We have a range of studios across our accommodations and they offer everything you need to work, live and study all in one room. You’ll still have all the benefits of living in a university hall, just with a bit more privacy.

Get fit

A number of our accommodation sites have gym facilities, which makes staying healthier much easier and cheaper. If you want to get fitter and don’t already have a gym at your halls why not move to one that does? Arena Village and Marsden House are two of the sites that have gym facilities.

Last year around 170 students made the decision to return to halls. Find out why here.

Booking is now open for all current Leeds Beckett students for 2018/19. If you want best pick start making enquires sooner rather than later.

To book get in touch with the Accommodation Team:


T: 0113 812 5972