Joining a sports team at university

If you didn’t join a sports team or in fact any society this year there’s nothing stopping you from joining one next year. Because of the size of sports societies at Leeds Beckett, you can join many different leagues, including social leagues that are non-competitive.

Here are four reasons why joining a sports team next semester will make your university experience amazing:

It’s a fresh start

If you weren’t sporty before going to uni, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy a sport. By joining a sports team you will have fun whilst meeting new and existing people.

You could find your hidden talent or passion

There are so many different types of sport on offer at university from netball and lacrosse to tennis and dance! With every sport, there are different leagues and levels of ability. You never know you might find yourself in the top league.

Get fit

You might think that you just don’t enjoy sport. Maybe the idea of being on my own in a gym is scary or you feel intimidated by team sport, however when you find a team that is supportive and encouraging, you don’t even realise you’re exercising.

Make some amazing friends

You will meet some amazing friends through uni and when you join a sports team, you get to meet people across different year groups who you'd never have met otherwise. When you’ve built up teamwork by playing together every week and know you have that thing in common, it’s so nice to chat to so many different types of people!


Joining a social league is a brilliant way to gain confidence, practice and some great friends! So, if you want to join a team who competes against other universities, it’s never too late to join a sports society, anyone can join at any time...

It doesn’t matter whether you’re first or third year, whether it’s September or March. Go for it!

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