If you have not already, the time is coming for you to move out of your accommodation and so you don't forget anything, we've made it easier for you!

Top tips for moving out of halls

  1. Check your contract dates so you know when to move out of halls
  2. Book in a flat inspection with reception before you go so you know what you need to do
  3. Clean your flat, including cookers, hobs and fridges. Make sure you get everyone to pitch in before they all leave!
  4. Leave your room how you found it and make it easy for staff to see you’ve looked after it
  5. Turn off electrical appliances and turn the lights off as you leave
  6. Make sure you set up mail redirection before you go
  7. Don't forget to hand in your keys at reception when you leave!
  8. Shut all windows and lock all doors

Tips for moving into your new house

  1. If you’re bringing a car, check beforehand to see if you need a permit to park: www.leeds.gov.uk/parking
  2. If you’re wanting to get rid of bulky items, take a look at the council’s advice on collection: www.leeds.gov.uk/waste
  3. Complete an inventory and take photos of your accommodation when you move in. Report any existing damage to the landlord
  4. If you’re paying for bills, don’t forget to take meter readings for water, electricity and gas so you don’t pay for the previous tenants usage
  5. Save your landlord or letting agent’s number in your phone so you can get in touch with them when you need them - handy if you get locked out!


Have a good summer!!!

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09 Nov 2021
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