Summer for university students is truly magical - exams are done, and the weeks of free time stretching out before you are full to the brim with possibility. Aside from binge watching Netflix and blissfully sleeping away your days, here’s a list of some of the best things you could be doing to fill that time!

Volunteer for a good cause

Summer is definitely the time to focus on getting some ‘me’ time, but you can help both yourself and others by offering your services as a volunteer. Whatever your cause, doing a bit of good will not only enhance the lives of others but could also help your CV. 


Travelling abroad can be a massive adventure and loads of fun - if you can afford it! Companies like Smaller Earth and BUNAC host affordable summer working programmes in a range of destinations like America and Spain. Alternatively, why not save up and plan your own adventure? It doesn’t matter whether you go solo or take a friend - you can be sure you’ll return with wonderful memories and amazing stories to tell.  

Get fit

After weeks of drinking and late night dissertation/exam snacking, your body deserves some TLC - summer is the perfect time to get yourself in shape! Whether it's a run every couple of days or a couple of minutes every day in front of the TV with a fitness DVD - every little helps. 

Get some work experience

Whether you’re earning money for rent or looking for experience you can put on your CV, working should definitely be on your list of things to do this summer! 

Get a head start on your reading

This might sound a little boring, but starting on your reading early could save you a lot of sleepless nights and unnecessary drama when you get back to uni in September - and it could help get your grades up too! Organise your subjects into hourly slots and do a little every once in a while; future self will thank you.

Sound like too much work? At least try downloading all your reading lists and get some awareness of what you'll be in for when you get back. 

Make a summer bucket list

Got a list of things that you want to do but never quite get round to? Make a summer bucket list and try tick a few things off! Here are some examples that you're welcome to steal:

- Travel to Europe on the smallest budget possible with as few possessions as possible

- Go bungee jumping/rock jumping and conquer my fear of heights

- Do all the touristy things where I live that I've never bothered with

- Learn how to make my own clothes

- Attend as many festivals as time/money will allow



Still got some of that student loan left? Get your mates organised and plan to do a festival together. Why not ditch the mud at Leeds Fest and check out some European festivals? Benicàssim (Spain), HideoutOutlook (both Croatia), and Flow (Finland) amongst dozens of others all promise tonnes of music-filled fun in the sun.

Bank account a bit of a joke? Why not try volunteering? Volunteering is a great way to experience the fun at a fraction of the price. Most volunteering organisations (e.g. OxfamHotBox EventsFestaff) will require you to pay a deposit, but you’ll get that back.


Get a job

'How am I supposed to fund all these marvellous adventures?' I hear you ask, as you peer into a near-empty wallet.

Well that’s where employment comes in; why not get your best blazer on and your most up to date CV out, in a bid to fund the summer of a lifetime. Those piña coladas won’t pay for themselves.

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09 Nov 2021
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