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1. Find a better deal by waiting until the end of November

Students who rush in ending up paying over the odds, with rent that’s often around £15 a week more than if they had waited that bit longer. There is an excess of student houses in Leeds so don’t feel pressured by the ‘good ones go early’ estate agent talk.

Start your search on Saturday 23 November as this is the day that you get access to the biggest choice of properties, with over 16,000 Unipol Code properties released onto the market. Unipol is a housing charity that helps students find great houses with trusted landlords and the Unipol Code is a set of standards which ensures that the property you rent is properly managed and regulated.

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2. Think - about who you want to live with

Choosing your flatmates can be tricky sometimes but the important thing is to make sure you don’t feel pressured to live with people you’re not comfortable with. There is a lot to consider but there are plenty of options even if you are choosing to search on your own.

Third-year student Lucy has written a blog post to share her advice for finding the perfect flatmates.

3. Decide - on the key criteria for your property search

Figure out how much you can afford, where you want to live and what you can and can’t compromise on. It’s a good idea to be on the same page with your flatmates before you start your search.

If you need help deciding which area of Leeds to live in then checkout Unipol’s handy guide.

Did you know? You can also return to live in halls in your second and third year - find out about returning to halls.

4. Search - with the right landlords and letting agents

Visit Rate Your Landlord to find out which landlords other students would recommend. You should also try a Unipol Code of Standards landlord, as they have to meet a standard above the legal minimum.

5. Check - your contract for any nasty surprises

The Students' Union offer a free contract checking service. Just email your unsigned contract to and they will make sure there are no hidden surprises like joint liability, which makes you responsible for additional rent if one of your flatmates decides to leave halfway through the contract.

A landlord should always give you 24 hours to think a contract over so don’t be pressured into signing anything before it’s been checked.

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29 May 2020
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