Why I've chosen to live in Unipol properties for three years

I am currently in my third year at Leeds Beckett University. It was not a difficult decision for me to choose to stay with Unipol for my final year. For the first two years of my degree I have stayed in student halls of residence and a flat in Hanover Square, City Centre.

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One of the best things about Unipol is their own Unipol code. This is a set of criteria for the landlords to follow ensuring high standards of customer care and health and safety to make your experience the best it can be. There are assurances within the code that protect their tenants from any problem that might occur. So, what are the key benefits of the Unipol Code?

1. Maintenance issues responded to quickly

Any complaints or repairs are done within a time frame depending on the severity of the issue. When I first arrived at my flat, I emailed my Unipol housing officer to ask for shelves to be added to the bathroom cabinet and this was done within two weeks. Another example was within the first few weeks of living in my new flat my housing officer from Unipol came around to inspect the property, as they do with all their properties at least once a year. They arranged carpet cleaning and repainting which I wasn’t expecting but I was very pleased they did. For me this was another sign as to why I would recommend Unipol to anyone. In comparison to other students who have gone with private landlords the level of maintenance isn’t the same.

2. Carrying your Unipol deposit forward

If you’re a first year student already with Unipol I would recommend staying with them as they just transfer your deposit over to the new property. This saves you having to find a spare £300 which frankly many students don’t have.

3. Deposit protection

The deposit scheme with Unipol makes sure your deposit is protected and returned to you promptly once your tenancy has ended. Any deductions made will be explained to you and most likely due to damage of the property.

4. Professional management and regulation

The Unipol Code reassures any tenant that the property you rent is properly managed and regulated. The Code ensures all their landlords have fitted features that provide a comfortable standard of living that go significantly beyond legal requirements for health and safety. This means you can get on with the rest of your life without worrying about your home. When first moving to my new property I requested a burglar alarm was fitted as I had one at my previous Unipol property and felt safer knowing one would be fitted in this property. This was accepted by my landlord and was fitted prior to us moving in.

5. Accountable complaints procedure

Unipol also have an easy to follow complaints process for tenants to use as and when they need to. Unipol have reported most complaints come from non-Code landlords. You shouldn’t compromise on your safety or the standard of landlord you pick. So, make sure any property you’re interested in is owned by a Code landlord for peace of mind that they will meet and exceed their legal obligations, and offer first rate service.

In my experience renting from Unipol and a Unipol code landlord, in particular, is the best thing for peace of mind. I have reassurance that any issues will be investigated and resolved within a reasonable time frame.

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09 Nov 2021
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