Once again, we can welcome wounded, injured and sick (WIS) military participants onto our successful recovery support courses. Although 2020 has not been a typical example, Leeds Beckett University staff usually deliver 24 five-day Multi Activity Courses (MACs) per year. We designed the MACs to support participants to achieve their best possible recovery to return to duty or make a smooth transition to civilian life. This is achieved through a participant-centred experience that equips participants to improve their physical and mental health through self-management. With 10 years of successfully delivering a powerful wide range of positive outcomes, MACs are now mandatory for all WIS personnel in the British Army and Royal Air Force.  

Since our first post-lockdown MAC (August, 2020), every participant who contributed to our research reported being satisfied with all the precautions we put in place to reduce the risk of infection or spread of COVID-19. All surveyed participants felt that social distancing has been “Very well managed” or “Well managed” during sports activities, during classroom-based talks and presentations, participating in the research and at meal times. They also commented: 

 “Extremely well managed and lots of thought and consideration taken place. Thank you all for a fantastic week and allowing the course to go ahead, it has provided me with so much aspiration, motivation and just what I needed to move forward”

“Best course I’ve been on in my military career to date” 

“This has been the most valuable few days I have ever had in my life” 

“Thanks very much for an outstanding experience. I believe this was wholly possible due to the staff on this course.” 

“The social distancing aspects were very well managed” 

For more information about Battle Back delivery and research please visit the new university web site at www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/the-battle-back-centre

Dr Chris Kay

Senior Research Fellow / Carnegie School Of Sport

Dr Chris Kay is a Senior Research Fellow working with Carnegie Great Outdoors. He predominantly works with wounded, injured and sick military personnel on a project called Battle Back. This is delivered and researched by our staff on behalf of The Royal British Legion. At The Battle Back Centre, week long courses are delivered that encompass adaptive adventurous training and personal development for military personnel who are recovering from injury or illness. Chris oversees the longevity research which is conducted in line with these courses, gathering information to understand what part these experiences have in facilitating the participant's recovery.