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Breakfast just got better at the Food Court

If you love breakfast as much as we do then we’ve got some great news for you which might well revolutionise your weekday breakfast routine.
Pancakes with strawberries

From Tuesday 16February we are launching two fantastic new breakfast stations to wake your taste buds every Tuesday and Thursday. 

Many willing volunteers have vigorously tested our new offers and we think we’ve cracked pancake perfection!

You’ll find both of these offers are available in the Food Courts at City and Headingley Campus from 08:00 – 11:00.


The best way to start the day is a protein-packed breakfast so enjoy your eggs scrambled or in a tasty breakfast omelette.

Scrambled eggs come with your choice of toast or a bagel. Omelettes come with your favourite three toppings for only £1.80. If three toppings aren’t enough then don’t worry, add another topping for just 10p more.

Our omelette toppings include: Sliced Ham, Grated Cheese, Sliced Mushrooms, Spinach or Sliced Peppers.


Why wait another year for your next pancake fix? The Pancake Station is a great way to start your Thursday – try a perfect pancake or a waffle with your favourite three toppings for only £1.80.

Our pancake toppings include: Lemon Juice, Caster Sugar, Golden Syrup, Nutella, Greek Yoghurt, Sultanas, Seasonal Berries, Honey or Bananas.

“Wall_Food_10257" by Michael Stern is licensed under CC BY 2.0