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You cant beat an egg breakfast

Regarded by many as a superfood, the humble yet versatile egg has been the star of many a breakfast spread. Whether scrambled, poached, fried, boiled, turned into an omelette or paired with a traditional English breakfast we devour over 33 million eggs a day in the UK.
You can't beat an egg breakfast

As our new Egg Station breakfast offer is now launched to run every weekday we had a look back at the humble egg in its starring role at breakfast time.

One of the most popular times of day for us to crack an egg is breakfast, and it makes sense. This quick and easy-to-cook, protein-packed snack is a great option to curb your hunger till lunch but its health credentials continue. Eggs are full of vitamins and nutrients helping you from head to toe including, improving eye, heart and bone health.

In the 1960s, the egg also became a TV star with a series of adverts, featuring the legendary Tony Hancock, promoting their health benefits and encouraging viewers to “go to work on an egg”. The adverts, so famous that they now have their own website, were also paired with an award-winning poster campaign. 

Go to work on an egg 

More recently Kevin Bacon and the American Egg Board launched a similar campaign, with a plethora of egg-and-bacon puns, promoting the health benefits of eggs.

Kevin Bacon Adverts

Watch the ‘Eggs with bacon’ adverts

Now if that doesn't convince you to start your day with an egg, we don't know what will!  If you’re craving an egg breakfast then head to the Food Court and start your day with a protein-packed breakfast. Our Egg Station is available every weekday from 08:00 – 11:00 for only £1.80.

The Egg station menu