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Special sandwich of the week launched at The Deli

To celebrate national sandwich week (9 – 13 May 2016) the Food Court team have developed two special brain boosting sandwiches to coincide with the exam period. The sandwiches, filled with brain boosting ingredients, will be available from Monday 9 May from The Deli.
Special sandwich of the week launched at The Deli

Sandwich of the Week - £2.85

  • Malted wheat baguette filled with avocado, houmous, spinach, sliced red peppers and a carrot and coriander mix (v)
  • Wholemeal baguette filled with chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato and rocket.

The sandwiches have been developed by our team of chefs, with the health benefits each ingredient offers in mind: 

Spinach: Rich in iron and folic acid

Avocado: High in potassium, a super-food with 20 different vitamins and minerals

Tomatoes: Vitamin C and a good dietary fibre

Chicken: Good source of protein

Houmous: Good source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals

Carrots: High in fibre, source of antioxidant agents, vitamin C, potassium and iron

Red peppers: Vitamin C and iron 

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