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Charity update Thanks for your support

We're delighted to announce the totals of our recent charity activities, our teams have been collecting for a variety of causes and thanks to the generosity of our customers we have been able to donate a substantial amount to some fantastic causes.
Charity update - Thanks for your support

Collection Boxes

The money has been collected at charity boxes at all our till points, and donations made to five nominated charities. Over the last 12 months we're delighted to announce we have collected £1.521.94 in total. This has been donated to the following charities:

Breast Cancer Awareness - £305.91

RNIB - £338.44

Sue Ryder - £294.30

Dogs Trust - £262.65

Help for Heroes £320.64 

Thanks for all your support, to keep in touch with our charity activities please follow us on Twitter @BeckettFood.

One Water

Since starting to sell OneWater across our outlets we have managed to change the lives of 1,876 Malawians by raising an impressive £7,504 to enable access to clean water.

One, the UK’s original charity water give one hundred per cent of profits from the sales of One Water to life-changing water projects in Malawi.

These funds make a huge difference where a lack of accessible clean water has a huge impact on health, with an average life expectancy of just 49 years and one in eight children die before their fifth birthday.