The University Food Card has now become the Beckett Food & Retail Reward Card, offering even more rewarding benefits

Loyalty Points - Collect points which you can then use as credit

Free Hot Drinks - Get every 10th hot drink free

Awesome monthly offers

Birthday Treat - Grab a free slice of cake on your birthday, our treat!

Supercharged Credit - Add cash to your card to make even bigger savings as we’ll give you up to 10% extra credit

I have a Food Card, what do I need to do now?

Great news! You don't need to do anything, from Monday 19 September your Food Card will automatically be linked to your new Reward Card account.

You can either continue using your Food Card itself to pay with your credit and get all our new loyalty benefits or you can swap your Food Card for an eye-catching new card with the Reward Card design.

I'm happy to continue using my Food Card - From Monday 19th September when we swipe your Food Card you will get all the new loyalty benefits of the Reward Card. If you run out of credit don't worry, you'll still get all the loyalty benefits even when paying with cash or with a debit or credit card.

I'd like to get a new card - Next time you visit one of our Food & Retail outlets just grab a new Reward Card, contact CARES Helpdesk who will be able to update your account with your new card number. 

0113 812 8585  /