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Find out who won £100 in our top up competition.

One lucky Reward Card customer got an unexpected surprise last month as we revealed she had won an impressive £100 in our Top Up and Win competition.
Top up and win £100

All Reward Card customers topping up £50 or more in January and February were entered in to a prize draw, and we’re delighted to announce the winner is…

Congratulations Claire Williams!

“Winning was a lovely surprise, celebrated immediately over coffee with colleagues from the office!”

Claire, the head of Learning Resources, Libraries and Learning Innovation, has worked at our University since 2008 and was delighted to find out she had won. Working across both campuses means Claire regularly visits the Food Court so the £100 prize will come in handy when grabbing lunch or a quick snack.

“I originally got a card for the convenience - it’s really handy being able to grab a quick snack when travelling between campuses for meetings, whilst topping up online means I don’t need cash to have a drink or snack.”

Want some extra credit? All customers who top up £20 or more will get an extra credit boost of 5% which is automatically added to your credit. Top up £500 or more and get a 10% credit boost.

So, if you top up £50 you’ll get £2.50 extra credit, top up £100 and you’ll get £5 extra credit!

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