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Get menus on your mobile

We’ve been working hard adding new features to the Leeds Beckett mobile app and are really excited to announce the launch of a new section for all things food. Here you can get menus and keep up-to-date with the latest offers. Access it anywhere, just add a mobile phone or computer and sprinkle in a bit of internet connection.
Beckett food app
What are these amazing new features?

Well… in the food section of the app you will find:

  • Today’s Specials Menu – here you can view what’s new each day of the week
  • Daily Favourites Menu - see what’s so good it’s always on the menu
  • Food and Coffee Shop Offers – get the latest deals and start saving
  • Reward Card Offers – exclusive offers just for our Reward Card holders (find out about becoming a Reward Card customer)
How do I get access?
  1. Simply download the app free from Apples App Store or Androids Google Play, you can also access the web version using a browser of your choice (the app does not support Windows phones so best access the web version on these devices)
  2. Use your university login to access the app (if you’re having trouble logging in then find out more) here
  3. Finally click on the food icon for menus and offers
We’re just getting started!

We are looking to add even more functionality and develop the food section of the Leeds Beckett app even further. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see or want to know more then get in touch.

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