Beckett Food
We love recycling

Food waste is converted into nutrient-rich biofertiliser, called ReGrow, and renewable energy through anaerobic digestion by ReFood. This efficient closed-loop process provides farmers with a sustainable alternative to non-renewable fossil fuel based fertiliser. ReGrow is excellent for soil health and fertility, which in turn is great for crops – creating more food. And when there is food, there will almost always be food waste, and so the process starts again.  


Dry mixed recycling is sorted by Associated Waste Management and all recyclable materials are removed for processing, enabling them to be turned into new products. Any non-recyclable waste is also extracted and used to produce refuse derived fuel (RDF) which is burned in place of hydrocarbons to generate substantial energy.

Dry coffee cups are recycled by Simply Cups, they separate the plastic lining from the paper cup so that it can be converted into reusable materials for new products. The collar and the lid for your coffee cup should be placed into the dry mixed recycling bins, this means lots more cups can be stacked into the specialist bins to make this a very efficient and sustainable process.


General waste is processed by Associated Waste Management, it is sorted, shredded, dried and baled to create RDF that is burned to produce electricity.