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The Beckett Kitchen Is Now Open

The Beckett Kitchen is now open! Come and say hello and see our striking new look, try a tasty range of new dishes and take a seat in our newly refurbished seating area.

Published on 24 Jan 2019
Serving area in the brand new Beckett Kitchen

What is the Beckett Kitchen?

Our Beckett Kitchen is located in the heart of the Rose Bowl and is a space for the Leeds Beckett University community to thrive. We nourish our community with quality, fresh and authentic food prepared by our chefs each day. We have a strong focus on supporting our community and doing good to help make a difference to the environment and our society.

Our Community

What’s on the menu?

It’s all about delicious fresh ingredients, freshly baked bases and a wide-range of choices everyday

Hot toppings from around the world, wrapped with your choice of salad and sauce. Salad boxes are also available

The tastiest toppings in town loaded on your favourite base, includes; fries, curly fries, jacket potatoes, nachos & more

We go global to find the best and tastiest food from across the world.

Every day we’ll be serving up a popular classic, don’t miss our famous Fish & Chips every Friday

We also have a daily selection of salad, a soup of the day and a range of sandwiches and deli items.

Pizza In Beckett Kitchen

Tell us your thoughts

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