What's better than a freebie? One you weren't expecting!

That's why we hid several large hearts around City Campus to surprise our unsuspecting community with an unexpected freebie!

Each of the hearts had a voucher attached, which you could trade for a free hot drink.

Where did we hide them?

Take a look at the clues we left - can you work out where they were?

If you look carefully at the photos (and in particular the backgrounds!) you might find some important clues which will give you the location! We also left a few extra clues in our Instagram stories!

Large purple wooden hearts, partially hidden behind a plant pot, on a green sofa and on a red chair
More hearts hidden around campus

Within 48 hours all 6 of the hearts made their way back to either R.B Espresso or Gaia Cafe and we loved hearing from people that had found them!

We'll be hiding more hearts over the next few months, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be the first to get clues about where they've been hidden!