Grab A Magic Bag at Headingley!

After the successful launch at Beckett Kitchen at City Campus we're pleased to announce we're offering the same great deals at Headingley starting from 27 January 2020.

Since December over 98 "Magic Bags" filled with a range of salads, pasta, cakes and more have been collected from Beckett Kitchen and successfully diverted from landfill.

Not only does this mean that more of the food we prepare and serve fulfils its purpose in nourishing our community, but it's already having a positive impact on the environment.

On average, to dispose of the food in the 98 bags, 186.2kg of CO2 would have been produced. That's the equivalent of 428 minutes of driving a car nonstop or a 13W light bulb being left on for 628 days!

What's in a Magic Bag?

For just £2-3.00 you’ll get at triple the value of food from our Cafés and Beckett Kitchen.

You can choose from a Meat or Veggie Magic Bag and within you’ll find a mixture of sandwiches, cakes, pastries, salads and much more.

Part of the magic and mystery is you won’t know exactly what’s in the bag until you pick it up!

So far our Magic Bags are receiving great reviews, the Meat Magic Bags have been given 4/5 by 90% of customers.

A Too Good To Go collection bag on a counter at Beckett Kitchen

How Can I Pick One Up?

To get your bag download the free Too Good To Go app from your App Store, set your location and look out for our uploads – they will be available to collect after 2pm Monday to Friday. Just reserve a bag and then collect it from Beckett Kitchen in Campus Central.

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