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Supporting the National COVID-19 Screening Programme

As we all try to manage the uncertainty of the past few weeks and the huge changes coronavirus has brought to our lives, the fantastic stories of our staff and students’ contributions to the fight against COVID-19 consistently reinforce the sense of positivity and community spirit here at Leeds Beckett.

COVID testing equipment

Most recently I have been particularly proud of the efforts of colleagues from the School of Health in support of the national COVID-19 screening programme. Last week, we supplied 60 high spec pipettes, 6 micro-centrifuges, 6 vortex mixers, and consumables, including 6000 pieces of plasticware, to enhance testing capability in the new labs being established around the country.

Our supplies were picked up by the Army and will be used as part of the government’s new national testing strategy, which aims to deliver the target of 100,000 tests a day by the end of April. Not only this but three colleagues from our School have applied to join the testing programme as volunteers, giving up their time to help deliver these vital measures to control the virus.

Having already donated our supplies of PPE and equipment to our partners coming face to face with the coronavirus daily, we’re delighted to have been able to make this further contribution which will help more tests to be carried out more quickly.

I’m incredibly grateful to our staff and students for all that they’re doing during these immensely challenging times, and we as a School and university community will continue to celebrate their work and play our part to end this national and global crisis.