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Discovering Painting

Having never painted before, Dr Vivien Sabel (Senior Lecturer, Psychological Therapies & Mental Health) used lockdown to discover a hidden talent.

Published on 24 Aug 2020
Artwork cards

I joined Leeds Beckett in August 2020. For 14 years I ran a successful private practice which included working for a charity supporting Deaf people with mental health needs.

I have never painted before May 2020 but because of Covid-19 I began to use my extra time to paint. My husband purchased art equipment for me some 15 years prior and having never opened the equipment or erected my easel I approached painting with no knowledge and great enthusiasm. I initially decided to paint a collection of seascapes that represented to me the climate (a global pandemic, troubled times, the uprising of nations as a result of the death of Mr George Floyd, unemployment, fractures in society, an increase in domestic violence as a result of lockdown, and more latterly beautiful British weather). The images have been shared on social media platforms and have generated interest, sales and several requests for commissions.  

My most recent work has encapsulated floralscapes, I am drawn to impressionism. However, I also had some fun painting bees using mixed media. My work has been featured in two Art Magazines (Art Mag UK and ArtHole2). I have also sold several pieces and made my art affordable by producing original art designed masks and notecards.

Art forms such a huge part of my life now. I don't know what I would do without it and yet, I don't know if I would have even discovered it without the restrictions of Covid-19!

By Dr Vivien Sabel, Senior Lecturer, Psychological Therapies & Mental Health

Bee original artwork

Bee-Lieve multi media

Daisy artwork

Daisy collection

Floral impressionist artwork


Impressionist artwork

Impression of impressionism

Floral impressionist artwork

Impressions of wildflowers

Dark seascape artwork


Seascape artwork


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