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Artificial Intelligence in communications

Knowledge, adoption and perceptions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in strategic communication and public relations is one of the key topics explored in the European Communication Monitor 2019.

Results are based on interviewing almost 2,700 practitioners working in companies, non-profits and other organisations including communication agencies across Europe. Detailed analyses are available for 22 countries and different types of organisations. Apart from AI, the full report for this year’s monitor also includes insights on trust in the PR profession, public trust in different organisational advocates, challenges of building trust and transparency, the most important strategic issues for the profession, as well as content creation and distribution.

Further details can be found here.

Professor Ralph Tench

Director of Research / Leeds Business School

Professor Tench is the Director of Research for Leeds Business School and the elected President and Head of the Board of Directors for the European Public Relations Research and Education Association (EUPRERA). EUPRERA is the leading academic association for public relations and strategic communication.

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