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My experience with the Bright Network Internship

I’ve just finished my first year at Leeds Beckett University studying law. I've been really keen to take every opportunity to enhance my career and skills to strengthen my CV. When I was emailed about the opportunity to take part in the Bright Network Internship, I thought it would be a good opportunity to further my experience.

The event ran from 14 -16 July 2020 and started off with a full day of lectures and online seminars, with talks from multiple solicitors and legal professionals. There were presentations from lawyers from firms such as Herbert Smith Freehills, who have a wide range of connections available on LinkedIn. This was an opportunity to expand the connections I have in the legal world, as well as gain an insight into the working day of a solicitor. At the start of each seminar, there was an opportunity to take part in a networking session, in which we were randomly paired with another participant on the internship. We were encouraged to talk face-to-face using the webcam function, and discuss topics such as previous work experience, as well as future career aspirations. Learning what career paths other students aim to achieve makes me realise what a wide range of opportunities a law degree can bring. I also enjoyed the fact that the internship program welcomed people from a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from school leavers to graduates and even those who had already secured a legal training contract. This diversity brought with it the chance to network with people who have different experiences and levels of knowledge, meaning I was able to learn from people who have a different background.

On the second day, we were given a work sample to complete, which consisted of a scenario which we were asked to provide legal advice on. This meant we had to refer back to the notes we had taken the previous day and compile the knowledge we had gained from the sessions before. The work sample enabled us to work methodically through a set of instructions and produce a detailed response in a set time frame.

On the third and final day, we were required to pair up with another participant and peer assess each other's work. This meant we were able to continue networking and building connections, as well as gaining insight into how others had answered the question posed by the work sample. In order to pass the internship, we had to ensure we had submitted our own work sample, and peer assess one another.

Overall, the internship with Bright Network has been a very valuable and positive experience. It allowed me to meet a wide range of new people and make connections that could be beneficial in my future. It also allowed me to sample an area of law I had not previously been introduced to and strengthened existing relationships with classmates who also took part. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

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