Leeds Law School

I found my love for law and never looked back

Agata Kowalska is a 22-year-old newly graduated Leeds Law School student from Poland. Competing as an international athlete, little did she know she would come to Leeds for a competition in 2017 and immediately feel at home. It was then she decided she wanted to study in the UK, once she had completed her school education in Poland. She has been living full time in Leeds since 2017.

Published on 08 Sep 2021
Law student Agata looks at the camera, the background is dark. Agata is wearing a pink top, Agata's hair is long and ginger.

I was enrolled at another university, but I changed my mind when I saw Leeds. I originally visited Leeds Beckett because I was competing in athletics at an international level, and immediately loved the city; coming from a very small town in Poland, I like that Leeds has a big city energy, but still feels personal and cosy.

The university stood out because of the tutors and module leaders, they were so experienced in their field and always keen to help, I got a real sense of community here. I made friends quickly through joining sports societies and I’ve made so many close friends since at the Law School. It feels like home.

Leeds Law School is ambitious and part of a dynamic university”

I love how innovative and ambitious Leeds Law School is, but you couldn’t find a more supportive, friendly group of academics to support you. The tutors are more like guides and advisors, always there for you and coaching you through every situation. The style was very different to what I had experienced at home, and at first it was hard for me to adjust. But it was so much better.

“I started on the Journalism course”

I joined Leeds Beckett in 2017 and started in the Business School doing a degree in Journalism. In the second term, I did the Introduction to Law module, and it turned out to be my favourite by far. I liked it so much that I knew that law was what I wanted to do, so I started the process to change over from the Business School to the Law School. While it was a completely new environment, I adapted quickly and knew that the law degree was where I was meant to be. It felt right.

“There are always two sides to an argument”

Law appeals to me because I’m so fascinated by critical thinking. There are two sides to an argument, and you have to challenge yourself to reach the best conclusions.

I really enjoyed taking part in mooting competitions at university in my second and third year. It gives you the opportunity to think critically, teaches you how to think on your feet, and gives you a taste of what it would be like to be a barrister.

I enjoyed the whole course; the focus on practical learning and the use of the courtroom on campus. I used Law Trove all the time, a free, comprehensive online library where you can access law textbooks and resources. There’s so much available to you as a law student at Leeds Beckett.

The Law Clinic was also a highlight. Academic law is so different to practical law, and it was very exciting to find yourself on the other side, being a legal advisor on such varied cases, from employment law to personal injury and a defamation threat.

“My advice to new students is to be consistently curious”

Be consistently curious and interested, never be afraid to ask tutors for help, because they will be more than happy to, go to all the guest lectures you can, check out the amazing Law in Practice series and seize any opportunity to learn practical law as well as academic law.

Leeds Law School definitely teaches you hard work, how to handle pressure, and resilience, which you will need in abundance in the industry.

You’re in safe hands.