I’ve recently graduated from Leeds Beckett University, with a degree in BA Fine (Hons) Art. I managed to become an intern at Shoo by attending one of the spotlight on events (Digital Marketing) where there was a panel made up of 3 business owners, and employees who worked in the digital marketing. After listening to the speakers talk and the audience asking questions, I had decided I wanted to work with Rachel from Shoo social media, so after the talk had finished, I approached Rachel and inquired about work experience. I received a business card and was required to send a copy of my CV over. Rachel then invited me to the office for an informal chat about myself and what I wanted to gain from this placement.

My role at Shoo Social Media

At shoo social media, my role as a graphic designer includes responsibilities such as managing Shoo’s Instagram account, posting regular content and creating the graphics for the social media posts. I also design graphics for our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages too. Recently, I have also had the opportunity to design some graphics for one of Shoo’s clients. This has developed my graphic design skills and advanced my portfolio as this is the first time, I have had the opportunity to work independently on a project in which my work will be used to assist a business in a real-life situation.

Why I love being an intern at Shoo Social Media

I have had the opportunity to get involved with a variety of corporate and charity events such as Digital U and Fashion Fiesta. Therefore, I have had the experience of working in a team, whilst developing my graphic design skills, Furthermore, working at Shoo I have had the opportunity to work alongside other graphic designers, as well as writers and the events management team. By having different strengths and abilities, the team works well towards completing tasks as our competencies work well with each other.

During my time at Shoo, I have learned more than I could have imagined and that’s down to being able to work independently and having a hands-on approach. I have developed my skills by making mistakes and learning from them, and this has helped me uncover my strengths and weaknesses. Throughout my time at Shoo I have learned how to time manage and create content which is consistent with branding. I have also learned how to use Social Pilot and different editing software like Snappa, Designer, Canva and Story Art.

Not only have I had a hands-on approach in the office but also outside of the office too. I have been involved in the running of corporate events such as Digitial U. Throughout the event, I captured the Social Media content for Shoo’s Instagram account, networked with local business owners. The day was a great insight into how Digital helps businesses grow; I got to listen to some key speakers and got some tips on the do’s and don’ts of graphic design.

My advice to anyone who is currently attending university or has recently graduated would be to take an internship. If you want to work in a specific industry, then an internship will enable you to develop your skills and make connections that could even help you get your first graduate job.

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