Students on the BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing course have had journalistic work published in external titles.

The students, specialising in the ‘Fashion Writing’ pathway, have written content as part of their modules. The students have been encouraged to ‘pitch’ their ideas to a number of magazines, and these have been accepted and published.

Sarah Fyffe is a third-year student who has had a number of articles published by Mindless magazine, and Gileasa Ebrahim – currently on a digital-marketing placement – is contributing to the Berlin-based magazine Fizzy.

In addition, another student from the ‘Fashion Writing’ discipline, Rob Hewson, is interning as a copywriter alongside his studies, at Leeds-based firm Green Gecko. This furthers the success of the fashion writers on the course, with Aaron Young’s module work being published by Tenth magazine.

Sarah Cooper, the leader of the fashion-writing modules says: ‘It’s wonderful to see the students engaging with industry, and for industry to acknowledge the standard of work are students are capable of.’

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By Leeds School of Arts
05 Jul 2021
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