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Twentieth Century architects examined in student videos

Ten major architects of the twentieth century are looked at in video essays created by first year BA (Hons) Architecture students in the Leeds School of Architecture.

10 Architects x 10 Videos

“The researches of Edison and the Lumière brothers in the 1890’s led to the invention of a camera geared to carry film forward continuously, so that a series of exposures could be taken in rapid succession, making it possible for photography to render an illusion of motion. This representation of architectonic space, because properly applied it resolves, in a practical way, almost all the problems posed by the fourth dimension.” 

Bruno Zevi, Architecture as space: How to look at architecture

You can view the videos here

First year BA (Hons) Architecture students were asked to create a video essay about an architect for one of their modules. The results are interesting visual explorations of some of the masters of the 20th century and their buildings. Through words, images and sounds, students creatively express their theoretical and historical researches, critically exploring architects and transform their works and ideas in unfolding tales. 

One of the students involved, Eve, saidCreating this video had given me a much greater understanding of architecture in general, and what it takes to become a ‘Master of Architecture’, such as Mies van der Rohe had done."

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