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Landscape Architecture students write about the Yorkshire Dales

Two students from Leeds School of Arts each wrote a short article for the Yorkshire Dales Review 150th anniversary issue about their research in the landscape.
Published on 15 May 2020
Yorkshire Dales Review Cover
David Ade Oyedemi is a post-graduate researcher exploring the impact of urban green infrastructure on the health and well-being of urban dwellers. 
Since the importance of green infrastructure to human health and well-being cannot be over-emphasised, and because we are plagued with an environmental crisis caused by the degradation of natural capital. We must at all levels, from individual to government, be proactive on planning, development and conservation of green infrastructure.
You can read the article here.
Joe Richardson is an final year BA (Hons) Landscape Architecture student and writes about  the ecological benefits of a wilder countryside. He is a member of Extinction Rebellion and his role is as a coordinator of ‘XR Rewilding’ which aims to connect people and support projects such as tree planting and workshops. After graduating he intends to use his degree to restore our degraded landscapes.
Our countryside could be a powerful asset in mitigating climate change and supporting Britain’s dwindling wildlife if a greater focus were put on natural regeneration. The countryside in other countries across the world celebrates a more imaginative biodiversity in its broadest sense, with a glorious exhibition of natural processes harmoniously intertwined with thriving industries.
You can read a copy his article here.
The Yorkshire Dales Review is produced by Friends of the Dales.

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