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Post Graduate Landscape Architecture – Virtual Teaching and Tutorials

Postgradaute students have been participating in virtual technical workshops and online tutorials. 
Model of student work - forest in foreground leading up to a building


Despite the challenges of working at home Masters of Landscape Architecture students took part in a one day workshop exploring a technical aspect of their major design project. The university had recently been closed but staff and students trialled online learning processes and the students successfully submitted their work at the end of the day. These students will graduate this autumn and it has been important that we found ways to continue our teaching, tutorials and supportive culture so that their course work can continue as normally as possible in these times. Talking about their expeirence of the adaptations that had been made to teaching, one student commented:

The university and tutors have provided excellent help with regards to providing the use of software and learning resources at home. The tutors have provided both group and one to one tutorials and are available for extra tutorials if needed talking about mitigating circumstances, workload and guidance within the course has helped a lot of students and myself feel that the university course and projects are developing on time and at a high standard

Design samples including a mocked up bike rack


Masters of Landscape conversion students have been caught in the middle of their first intensive design project by the Coronovirus outbreak. We have worked together with students to keep the supportive course ethos in place and adapt presentation techniques to what students have to hand. In addition students have been given free access to essential software and high quality online learning resources so that student are as little disadvantaged as possible through no longer having access to the university studios. One of our students commented 'Despite not being able to work on campus, the online resources and remote contact I've received from my tutors and the University has enabled me to stay on track with my current project. Being at home has also given me the time and space to practise some hand-drawing skills which adds another layer to my design project.'

Sketches of garden features

John MacCleary

Course Director / Leeds School Of Arts

John MacCleary joined Leeds Beckett as Course Director for Landscape Architecture in 2018. He primarily teaches the post-graduate students bringing his practice experience, knowledge of construction and environment led design approach to the students and the course.

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