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LSA Festival Student Stories: Jakub Maziarski / Creative Media Technology

'Coach's Bestfriend' is a printed basketball playbook, which has been created to make teaching and instructing easier for coaches.
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This final year project intends to standardise and modernise, the way basketball plays are taught and deployed. This was achieved through Augmented reality and developing an AR camera app. The printed playbook (once scanned) displays an in-depth instructional video. Whereas the set of cards, use quick 3D animations to refresh memory in high pressure situations.
The project was fueled by an Augmented reality research report and personal basketball experience.
This learning aid provides a more stimulating and modern way of teaching basketball plays, in the hopes of boosting learning gains and motivation.

A portfolio page was also created for this project which you can visit here.

Read more about Jakub's story on the Leeds School of Arts Festival Site…

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