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LSA Festival Student Stories: Max McNeil / Product Design

For my final module of the year I entered a live client competition brief run by The Retail Institute partnered with Slingsby Gin and Allied Glass. The prizes available came in the form of week long work placements, keeping this in mind helped me to stay motivated and on task.

Published on 14 Jul 2020
Max McNeil

Unfortunately the spread of Covid-19 lead to the nationwide lockdown, and in turn meant that our lectures and tutorials were going to be moving online for the foreseeable future. For me this meant that the submission for the competition also moved to being online. For the lockdown I decided to moved back home so that I could spend it with my family and our dog and continue to work my part-time job at M&S as a key worker. From this point on I knew that the main hurdle was going to be motivation. With the help of my tutors, I managed to formulate an at-home work timetable with a series of checklists to help me prioritise certain jobs. I also pooled all of my work resources together such as research methods, available software, tools and materials for model making. This helped me to realise which tasks were achievable in lockdown. It was now up to me.

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