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LSA Interior Architecture Student Wins IE Velocity 2020 National Studio Project Award

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design student Miles Davidson has recently won the Interior Educators Velocity 2020 National Studio Project Award for his proposal to repurpose the subterranean RAF Bempton Bunker.

Published on 11 Aug 2020
Miles Davidson
Having always had an interest in studying architecture, down to the subject's ability to be creatively versatile along with the fascination of the Light and Space Movement (more specifically of James Turrell) and the detailing with the likes of Carlo Scarpa, is something that interests me. Where you can create something so captivating and substantial, yet unique to each designer’s interpretation on the brief/concept, is what really attracted me into Interior Architecture and Design (IAD). 

Interior Educators (IE) is formed by 50+ higher education institutes, with a near 3,000 students within their interior programs. Nominated by the Course Director Julie MacDermott and Maryam Osman (my final year tutors in IAD) for two awards, was an honour in itself. Yet going onto winning The IE Velocity 2020 National Studio Project Award still brings a smile to my face three weeks on! 

“This award, for the most innovative, comprehensive, well-researched and appropriately communicated final year student’s studio project.” (IE’s description of the award).

The Project

My work focussed on the reassignment the current subterranean RAF Bempton Bunker. The project ‘Sweeping Signal’ will be the unearthing of Flamborough Heads hidden past by establishing a space for Metal Detectorists and Archaeologists providing Restoration, Exhibition and Education to the local area. 

‘Sweeping Signal’ will station the progressive journey from the uncovering of an artefact to the documentation, where spaces required:

- Rally; Where members can gain motion of metal detector equipment.

- Document; A space for restoration, Documentation of artefacts newly discovered and previously found.

- Treasury;
  -Temporary exhibition for members to display their significant finds.
-Permanent exhibition where important artefacts can be returned to their origins, including the Anglo-Saxon Sword and The Rudston Mosaic.

- Uncover; To accommodate educational and debate spaces to influence.

Miles Davidson - Model and Landscapes

The ‘Sweeping Signal’ project will ultimately infuse knowledge of the predecessors that once lived on Flamborough head, via the generation of spaces for local Metal Detectorists and Archaeologists.

Sat in a friend’s garden trying to connect to their poor countryside WIFI to watch the IE Awards Ceremony, I was hopeful watching, let alone winning. Yet to my ecstatic surprise, the name Miles Davidson popped up on my screen, flooding me with euphoric joy and excitement to tell my friends and family! Winning this award not only puts me in a great place of awareness to future employers, but more personally gave myself a great sense of achievement to finishing my education experience. 

My future aspirations are to move to London or Bristol with the aim of gaining a job in Interior Architecture and Design, Visual Merchandising or going down a more smaller scale avenue with furniture or product design, all alongside my growing interest in ceramics.


Email: miles360d@gmail.com
Tel: 07432 708831

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