Dr Miller, a reader in Music, was interviewed live in Spanish on La Troja radio in Barranquilla, Colombia and her recordings with her band Charanga del Norte have recently featured on additional radio stations around the globe. 

In Spain Kiko Helguera (Radio 3 de España RTVE.es) played Charanga del Norte’s track ‘Mack the Knife’ from their new album Pachanga Time. In Detroit, USA new releases featured on DJ Tom Flemming’s show ‘The Freedom Principle’, including the track ‘Te Traigo Guajira’ from Pachanga Time. And Over in the UK the band’s new work was showcased on Irfan Rainy’s  Global Soul Radio, DJ Si Cheeba’s Jazz and Blues show ‘Ship Full of Bombs’,  Manchester’s Groovement, Chris Heim’s Global Village, DJ Ritu’s August Mix, and Latin music journalist and historian John Child played cuts from Charanga del Norte, featuring pianist Kim Burton, on his Aracataca radio show.

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Dr Sue Miller

Reader / Leeds School Of Arts

Dr Sue Miller is a Reader in music, teaching on the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in performance and production. As an academic and practitioner she specialises in popular music analysis, improvisation, ethnomusicology and performance.

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