Leeds School of Arts

MA Urban Design Student Work

Below is some highlights of work created by students on on MA Urban Design course. Urban design digs deep into what makes a city and brings together professionals from a range of backgrounds who share a passion for improving the design of our urban environments.

Sketches of buildings and images of modern housing developments
Green spaces between two modern rows of town houses

Cross Green urban village

Sketches of streets and playgrounds

Designing Streets for Play Typologies

Architecture app on a smartphone

Designing Streets for Play App

Computer sketch of playground amongst modern housing

Neighbourhood play

Computer render of landscaped gardens and path

Place Making Pakistan

Landscape area with people and reflection pool in foreground

Place Making Pakistan

George Epolito

Course Director / Leeds School Of Arts

George is the Course Director for Postgraduate Architecture: MArch (Part 2), MA Architecture Futures, MA Urban Design, and Architect Degree Apprenticeship Level 7. He runs the displace non-place design studio and lectures in History and Theory.

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