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How do I prepare my portfolio for university? Guidance from our Interior Architecture tutors

Two experienced design and admissions tutors have prepared a short YouTube video and podcast which provides some valuable tips on how to prepare a portfolio for interview. This is followed by the specific written portfolio submission guidelines for BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design at Leeds Beckett University. 

Topics Discussed:

  • Where should I study?
  • Are all courses the same?
  • Are interviews different this year?
  • What skills are expected of me?
  • How do I show the process and thinking behind my work?
  • How do I make my portfolio stand out?

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design Portfolio Submission Guidelines:

What should I include?

To make your portfolio stand out, we’re looking for evidence of artistic and creative processes. We understand that you may not have studied Interior Architecture and Design before, but we would like to see a range of work and the design development that you have explored. In addition to this we would like you to write (or record) an overview or explanation of your portfolio.

Options for submission:

Portfolio images compiled into a pdf, with an accompanying written or recorded overview/ explanation.


A PowerPoint presentation with voice recordings over slides, or explanation within the notes section below each slide.


A blog which explains your work through images and written explanation.

Guidance for your digital portfolio overview:

This is different to your UCAS statement. Briefly introduce yourself, what inspires you and explain why you would like to study Interior Architecture and Design specifically at Leeds Beckett. Your portfolio work will be assessed alongside your enthusiasm and motivation for architecture and spatial design. Guide us through your portfolio as described below.

Guidance for your digital portfolio:

Please include a selection of your projects which show the range of creative processes that you have explored. These projects could be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional, photography, sketching, life drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, sculpture, or materials experiments and modelmaking. Make sure that you introduce each project with a title and an explanation of the process, development and reflect on what you were hoping to explore through this work.

Remember that we want to see how you have explored a given brief and how the work has developed, so be sure to include sketchbook work, concepts, and developmental work. Work does not have to be finished and it can be the project that you are currently working on. Finished pieces should be photographed or scanned in a professional manner (think about how your work is displayed and what the lighting is like).

The portfolio is an important part of how we recruit students onto our course, and we cannot offer places to applicants without one.

If invited, you will have 5 working days from the date of request to prepare your work for submission. The submission should not exceed 5Mb of total file size. A link will be provided to upload your portfolio.

Joan Love

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Joan Love is a senior lecturer and an artist who has experience of interior design in architectural practice.  Her research explores autism-friendly design containing a special interest in spatial transitioning environments.  

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