In these specially created video and podcast Amanda Wanner and Maryam Osman discuss successful approaches to gaining the employment you want after an Interior Architecture degree. They draw on their experiences at Leeds Beckett and on a recent survey they completed with top Architecture, Interior Architecture and Design practices. They explain the value of having a mentor and share tactics that will help you to be your best professional self.

As a graduate you are entering a market which is uncertain and now more than ever it’s important to know what employers are really looking for and how to make yourself stand out!  

Practices are looking for different things at this present time, and you may need to be prepared to look for alternative or innovative ways to present yourself. 

The whirlwind of completing your degree will leave you exhausted! So, this is the perfect time to pause, reflect, take stock and consider what you want for the future.


Alternatively listen to the "Episode 3: Preparing your professional portfolio" on Spreaker.

Joan Love

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Joan Love is a senior lecturer and an artist who has experience of interior design in architectural practice.  Her research explores autism-friendly design containing a special interest in spatial transitioning environments.  

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