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All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture Book Chapter

Architecture lecturers Craig Stott and Simon Warren’s co-authored chapter The Pedagogic Value of Co-Design has been published in a new book edited by Farhana Ferdous and Bryan Bell entitled All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture: Towards the Future of Social Change.

Book cover with the title 'All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture', cover picture is a mix of people on a construction site

Through a series of original contributions and case studies, the Routledge published All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture book proposes that all-inclusive engagement should be the priority for architecture in a world seeking social justice for all and a cohesive response to the climate emergency. This is supported through 58 contributors exploring projects located across the globe including Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Central America, considering issues such as poverty, neoliberalism, health and architecture’s exclusionary basis.

In one chapter Leeds Beckett University architecture lecturers Craig Stott and Simon Warren suggest one method of addressing societal inequality is to use the academic endeavour of students for the benefit of local communities. Through the use of Live Projects, where community clients require a design solution provided by students, architectural education institutions can provide support and a range of design outputs for non-profit organisations in desperate need.

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The situated learning environment created through embedding architecture students in local communities can result in empowerment of the external collaborators and non-profit organisations they represent through new learning, skill derivation, confidence and experience gained from participation in the co-design process. 

Far greater depth of explanation is offered within the book, which is available here from Routledge.

Craig Stott

Senior Lecturer / Leeds School Of Arts

Craig Stott (MEng, BArch, MA, ARB) is a Project Office co-director, Architect and Senior Architecture Lecturer at the Leeds School of Architecture, Leeds Beckett University.

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By Craig Stott
08 Nov 2018
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