How my passion for video games has turned into a career ambition

Student spotlight | Ali Ahmed, BSc (Hons) Games Design


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Ali Ahmed is currently studying on the BSc (Hons) Games Design course at Leeds Beckett University where his love for video games has grown into a career ambition. Ali hopes to work as an environment or creature designer for a gaming company in the near future.

  • Course: BSc (Hons) Games Design

Tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to studying games design?

Ever since being young, I have always loved playing video games, watching animations and going to the cinema. It wasn’t until I was at work, and someone approached me asking me what I wanted to do with my life, that really got me thinking about my future. I remembered how I felt whenever I played video games, I felt alive, as if I was in control of my life. I wanted to make other people feel the same way. I am now looking into becoming an environment / creature designer for a gaming company. I never gave up, I kept going on thanks to my family and friends.

What made you choose to study at Leeds Beckett?

I chose to study at Leeds Beckett University because I heard a great deal from my sister who studied at the university a while ago. I also attended the Open Days, UCAS events where I met many great lecturers who told me about the course, modules and social life. But what really sold the university to me was the great personalities who taught at the campus. Over the course of three years, I have developed great relationships with my peers. Now, I feel like I have not only gained a family at Leeds Beckett, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and a wealth of experience that I will take with me into my working life.

What opportunities have you had on your course?

There have been many opportunities available to me during my time at Leeds Beckett University. My favourite was having social events that were timetabled on Wednesdays during my first year. Those sessions included watching movies that inspired many of my game projects.

I remember Aron Blaise, a famous filmmaker and animator, attending one session during the first year, talking about his career journey. I remember him saying: “Your career journey will not be linear, it will be full of ups and downs”. My take on this is to enjoy the journey and to make sure I never give up. My advice to future students is to work hard and stay behind when others go home because it will help you later on during your time at Leeds Beckett University. 

What has been your favourite part about your time studying at Leeds Beckett?

I loved the overall atmosphere of the campus – it felt very homely and full of great characters. But my favourite part of studying at Leeds Beckett University has been using the facilities and making new friends who share the same passion as myself.

What advice would you give someone thinking about studying this course?

Enjoy the ride and get ready to go through a rollercoaster. Work hard but also enjoy yourself. The bonds you will form in university will stay with you even after you graduate.


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