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Leeds Beckett presents internationalisation findings at Reggio Emilia Compete In International Seminar

Dr Brian Jones, senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett Business School was one of the keynote speakers at a recent international seminar in Northern Italy.

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Compete In
Published on 17 Apr 2019

Brian presented to a global audience on behalf of the Interreg Compete In project, which aims to strengthen the support available to small and medium-sized companies across Europe wishing to internationalise. His keynote speech combined a summary of the academic research into the enabling factors for internationalisation with recommendations on how to shape this research into a relevant and meaningful actions for SME internationalisation.

The Project

The Compete In project focuses on three main areas: the attraction of investments, the penetration of new markets and territories, and the creation of international partnerships.

To achieve this, there are four key phases to this project:

  1. Research and Study Visits
  2. Knowledge Transfer
  3. Action Planning
  4. Influencing

The international seminar marked the end of the research and planning phase, and the half way point of the 5 year project.

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Compete In

The Compete In project aims to strengthen the support available to small to medium-sized companies across Europe wishing to internationalise.

Leeds Beckett University is one of seven partners across Europe participating in the project by trialling a new approach to internationalisation which addresses regional systems, stakeholders and policies with the main aim of helping SMEs to go global.


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