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Legal Innovation; Are the robots really taking over?

Digital transformation, Industry 4.0, Technology Revolution. These terms, and many more, are all designed to encapsulate the rapid advancement of technology and automation within business today.

Law firms are under the same pressure as other sectors to keep up with technology. Lawyers are tasked with providing cost effective, timely, quality services whilst keeping overheads down. Competition in this field has always been fierce, and now innovative firms are looking to legal technologies to help them get ahead of the game.

The client of the future wants speed, efficiency, accuracy and value. Consumers are more demanding than ever before, and with the increasing number of firms to choose from, those that tick the above boxes will reap the rewards. One of the most effective way to tick the boxes? Technology.

This article looks at the need for tech innovation within the legal sector, the ways young firms are disrupting the space, and how traditional firms can and should be keeping up. With a particular focus on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, the article approaches the question ‘how can Universities help Law Firms to innovate’.

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