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Outreach event encourages children's interest in STEM

As part of ‘Global Week’, organised by Principal Lecturer Jenny Seavers, a team of staff from the School of Built Environment and Engineering organised a full day of outreach activities for 140 pupils from the Heworth C. E. Primary School based in York.

Published on 28 Jan 2019
Science classroom

The aim of Global Week activities is to inspire children to think more widely about STEM subjects and their real life applications, it's a project that has seen students from both Civil Engineering and Human Geography courses engage with and act as ambassadors for our university.

Pupils participating in Global Week activities ranged in age from 4 to 11 years old. This event was co-organised by the Yorkshire and Humber Branch of the Institution of Civil Engineers with a focus on water engineering related activities. Pupils were asked to design a simple water supply system with prizes for the winning group. Other activities included showing pupils the importance of hygiene and health care, and the critical need for clean water supplies. The children looked at potential bacterial contamination on their hands by using a ultra-violet detector with special florescent hand cream, and the best way of washing their hands to remove any contaminates.

Hand drawing

Dr Martin Pritchard who delivered a range of activities at the event, stated that "In order to encourage interest in the STEM sector, latest research findings show that school children need to be immersed in STEM activities from a very early age, so that their curiosity is aroused and that the STEM areas are not shown in a negative stereotypical way.  STEM learning should be seen as a fun way of gaining knowledge of the technical world around us!".

Professor Parneet Paul

Head of Subject / School Of Built Environment, Engineering And Computing

Professor Parneet Paul is Head of Civil Engineering, and Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering within the School of Built Environment and Engineering.

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