Conducting a study exchange semester, although initially daunting, was one of the most beneficial opportunities with regards to my career and personal development. Being given the chance to encounter a new culture alongside gaining international experience in a new learning environment has allowed me to recognise what it is that I want from my future upon leaving Leeds Beckett.

I can honestly say that the 6 months I spent living and studying in Australia, were the best months of my life. Experiencing what the world has to offer, meeting the most amazing people from all across the globe and living the dream has changed me on a level that I never expected. I feel like a new person with a completely different outlook on life itself. My only regret throughout the entire experience would be going for one semester, given the chance again, I would most definitely do a full year!

If you are ever given the opportunity to study abroad, or learn in a new environment, snatch it because it is an experience you will never forget.

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