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Bridge Building at "Give Construction A Try" event

Staff from our Civil Engineering subject group joined over 40 facilitators at the "Give Construction A Try" event on 20 March 2019.

The team delivered a half hour activity 8 times during the day to over 50 students from the Wakefield district, explaining how learning at university is different from being at school, the dynamic nature of sessions that allow students to draw on contexts from the facilitator and the importance of a civil engineering role in our society and for the future. The students learnt about engineering principles using a model arch bridge, and used an Electronic Distance Measurer (EDM) to add dimensions to plan and section views of the room that we were in.

Sarah Hopkinson from Engie, the even organiser said of the contribution by the School: “Once again thank you so much for supporting this event, it is much appreciated by all those involved in the organisation of the GCAT event and most importantly the students”.

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