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Structural Engineering

As a penultimate-year Civil engineering student out on placement, this past year I have had tremendous exposure to the built environment and have gained first-hand experience into the professional world. Within my placement, I have had the opportunity to work in various sectors of the engineering industry including: structural engineering, civil engineering, transport planning and geotechnical & environmental engineering.

At present, I am operating as a geotechnical environmental engineer at Curtins, Leeds. Recent projects I have been working on, as part of my current team, predominantly comprise mass quantitative and qualitative research; from obtaining historical reports to visiting site to gain samples, in order to model the existing ground conditions likely encountered and mitigate stakeholder risk.

The information I gather during this process is paramount to the short- and long-term success of any project with suspect ground conditions, and feeds directly into the latter stages of construction, such as civil engineering through to the structural design.

I would recommend any student to undertake a placement-year as part of their studies; the experience gained and connections with industry professionals made are invaluable to character and career building, that has now become necessary for success in industry following graduation.

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