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Incredible Edibles - Human Geography Field Trip to Knaresborough

On a sunny Tuesday, sandwiched between two extremely wet weather fronts, Human Geography students from the Placements and Professional Skills module enjoyed a short trip to the picturesque town of Knaresborough.

The purpose of the trip was to collect primary data on how well the residents of Knaresborough might be able to adapt the Incredible Edibles project for use in their town.

Using the example of the West Yorkshire town of Todmorden, where a group of radical local gardeners started the Incredible Edibles project to provide access to good local food, our students were set a task to examine where the IE project would fit in Knaresborough and where it might not.

Students spent a few hours looking around the small market town and marked on maps the locations where they thought plots to grow fruits and vegetables might be established. They also looked at the current places where local residents can buy fresh food in the town centre so that they will be able to estimate the impact of introducing sites where residents can harvest food for free.

Over the next few weeks they apply this practical experience to their work for the course, mapping the information they gathered using ArcGIS and producing a report to explain their findings and give their opinions on whether a similar scheme to IE would be feasible in Knaresborough.

Dr Geoff Seavers

Senior Lecturer / School Of Built Environment, Engineering And Computing

Dr Geoff Seavers is a Senior Lecturer in human geography in the School of Built Environment and Engineering at Leeds Beckett University. He works part-time and teaches into number of human geography, human geography and planning and landscape architecture modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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