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International Women in Engineering Day - Shape the World

I am proud of being the first female engineer in my family although by no means the first engineer, my Dad and then 4 further generations back, so you could say it is in my psyche.
Hydroelectric Dam

I was very lucky in being supported as a female at secondary school in studying science and maths. Indeed, my year 9 Physics teacher predicted a place at Girton College for me studying physics - he got the college wrong as I went to Queens’ College, originally to study physics. However, I quickly realised my real passion was in the application of science for solving problems and, with the way the University of Cambridge works, I swapped to study electrical and information sciences (engineering) in my third year at university. Yes, I did have to be strong in some ways to cope in an almost all male atmosphere, but I had been brought up with the belief that females can do anything helped by my mother, a Maths & Computing teacher.

I love electronics and how you can make products that help us in our everyday living - without electronic & electrical engineers there would be no modern technology. We put the ‘smart’ into ‘smart’ as I say when talking about electronic engineers. I am as proud to be a chartered engineer as I am of my academic achievements. I strongly believe that more women should be studying STEM subjects, as an engineer I find myself using creativity all the time.

Engineering is about coming up with creative solutions to problems – whatever type of engineering you work in this is the fundamental thing we do. Together we can shape the world, as a mother more than ever this is what I want to do for my child.

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