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Visualisation Wall for Data Science modules

Our Visualisation Wall (VisWall) offers a cutting-edge environment for large scale interactive data visualisation.  Cross functional data dashboards provide an industrial-level, immersive data experience to support the exploration and analysis of large and/or complex data sets, providing immediate feedback.

New visualisation wall. A large rectangular screen showing colourful wave shaped graphs.

What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation is the graphic representation of complex data. We are living in a digital era and data is everywhere, on social media, in business, science and medicine. Data provides key information to succeed in all types of fields. With the help of data visualisation, we can see the graphical representation of a massive amount of information. Looking at visual elements like charts, graphs and maps, data visualisation, enables us to see key insights and understand trends, anomalies, and patterns in data.

How will students studying data science modules benefit from the VisWall?

The VisWall provides a platform for students to work in groups to visualise multiple data plots and dashboards for complex analytical tasks. The VisWall creates an industrial-level experience to work with multiple stakeholders and technologies and will build confidence in students to work on data science projects and communicate their own data insights. VisWall affords collaborative decision-making by groups of students and/or researchers working on a complex project such as sports analytics, healthcare, education and cyber security to share various data dashboards and multiple high resolutions data plots at one time.

How does it work?

The VisWall is supported by a high-performance computer to perform on-the-fly computation triggered by users’ interactions and provides immediate visual feedback.

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