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Lost, Taken, Murdered

Devastated by the tragic and brutal death of George Floyd, Dr Vivien Sabel (Senior Lecturer - Psychological Therapies & Mental Health) decided to explore her feelings and express them through the art of poetry. 

Published on 24 Aug 2020
Woman raises fist in Black Lives Matter tshirt

Dr Sabel says, 'Exploring feelings and emotions through narrative, story-telling and poetry is useful for our mental health and wellbeing.' To bring the words to life, and not satisfied with her written expression she decided to create a short film and employ the services of Deaf Performer - Raffie Julien. Raffie used a combination of Visual Vernacular, British Sign Language and Sign Supported English to encapsulate the meaning and perform the poetry.

Although Dr Sabel is fluent in British Sign Language, and could have performed the poem herself, she wanted to employ a Deaf, professional performer. Dr Sabel said, 'Raffie and I spent some time exploring the depth of meaning expressed and the feelings evoked. Raffie's performance is incredible.' Dr Sabel, who has never made a film before but edited, directed and produced this, urges people to give filmmaking a go. The film was officially selected for a Short Film Filmmakers Showcase but didn't win, however, 'Lost, Taken, Murdered' has received much praise and has been seen by thousands of people across social media platforms.

Watch the film here.

This film comes with a **Trigger Warning **⚠️ it is an emotive production. Please ensure the volume is on whilst playing.

Short Filmaker Showcase Selection 2020

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